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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Bringing Touch to Telemedicine

"Not hearing heart and lung sounds puts the patient
at a disadvantage for optimal treatment."

- Dr. Jaynee Pendergast
(Family Medicine, Morris Healthcare)


Telemedicine is becoming a staple of modern medicine but doctors can only see and speak with their patients, they cannot touch them to perform the physical exam. This lack of vital exam information leads to worse health outcomes such as pneumonias and arrhythmias.

This affects:

Heart Lungs.png

30 M

U.S. adults with heart disease

37 M

U.S. adults with lung disease

90 M

Senior citizens double to


$32 B

wasted in ER visits

$26 B

on hospital readmissions

How it works

Our patent-pending MiDoc Vest is an at-home, wearable device that has sensors to conduct a remote yet medical-grade heart and lung exam, bringing to life the third dimension of telehealth.

MiDoc will revolutionize healthcare by improving access, convenience, and affordability.


MiDoc vest has the sensors are build into the vest so that patients don't need to worry about their correct placement. The vest also comes in multiple sizes and made from flexible material to fit a variety of body types and sizes.


MiDoc Vest has 11 stethoscope heads (green) to listen to the heart and lungs. It also has a medical-grade 12-lead EKG (red) to evaluate the electrical health of the heart. These exam data are remotely transferred to the doctor to support improved medical decisions.


Our phone application will guide users in conducting their heart and lung exams, and allow them and their doctors to listen and view their heart and lung exam data.

How it works

Meet the Team

Our team have diverse skills and years of industry experience, including: biomedical / computer / electrical engineers, data analysts, human factors and usability experts, CFA, and business strategists.

Awards and Publicity

Poets & Quant's BIG IdeaBounce


2nd Place

Skandalaris Venture Competition


4th Place

Choice Awards x2


Blue KC Healthcare Innovation


2nd Place

Olin's Big IdeaBounce


1st Runner Up (Fall 2022)

5th Place (Spring 2022)

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Get Involved

We are always looking for feedback to improve our product!

Below are links to surveys to help improve MiDoc. Your time and support is greatly appreciated! The surveys will take about 5 minutes to complete, and the data will only be used in aggregate. Your responses are very valuable to us and will greatly help improve MiDoc.  Thank you!

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Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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